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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal by our practice involves you shaving your skin the day before, and we pass a mildly warm laser over the area to be removed of hair. The laser works best on a fair-skinned individual with dark hair, but most skin colors can be treated. Permanent hair reduction is expected, usually by 60-80%, depending on area. Permanent hair removal in an area is not always possible, but remaining hair may be very fine and light.

No tattoos or permanent eyeliner should be exposed to the laser. Anyone with a history of herpes on the area should take their antiviral medicines beginning on the day of the procedure for 3 days. If tanned, blistering may occur from the treatment, and the treatment will be less effective. Do not use self-tanning cream, make-up, or deodorant. Darker skin types may use skin bleach before treatment. No one who is pregnant, sunburned, flared with eczema, or with collagen or light-sensitive diseases (Lupus, Dermato, KS, Vitiligo) should be treated. Retin-A, LacHydrin or Glycolic Acid should be discontinued for 4 days before the procedure. Patients having had Accutane or a medium or deep peel or laser resurfacing for wrinkles or scarring, or liposuction in the area may require special precautions.

After Laser Hair Removal, use a sunscreen moisturizer of 30 or higher (Eucerin or Purpose) for at least 48 hours, and avoid strenuous exercise, sunlight, heat, and a Buf-Puf for 48 hours to prevent excessive redness, sensitivity, scarring, or bumps from the procedure. Either no symptoms or a little redness for 2-6 hours may occur. If blisters develop, do not scrub the area, and contact our office for an over-the-counter cream. Scarring and permanent pigmentary problems, (too much or too little), are possible but extremely rare. If swelling occurs apply ice in a soft cloth and continue as directed. Do not tweeze, wax, or remove hair by any method except shaving after the treatments have started or for three weeks before treatment. Do not wear panties or tight jeans for 2-3 days after bikini line treatments to avoid blistering.

The treated hair will push out in approximately 1-2 weeks. Then there will be a certain amount of loss in 4 weeks in many patients. Facial laser hair removal takes about 30 minutes or less; non-facial areas 30 minutes- 2 hours. One treatment every month or every other month is necessary, especially on non-facial areas. Re-growth occurs sparsely and slowly.

Approximate single-treatment costs are $100-300 for a single small area (upper lip or bikini line) and $600- $800 for a face or male back or chest single treatment. Prices vary with area size and hair density. Everyone’s skin grows in 3 cycles or growth rates. For near complete removal at least 3 or 4 treatments (sometimes more) are required. For mere thinning, such as a male’s back hair, only one ore two treatments often give desired results.